Spirometry is an extended examination of performance diagnostics to determine respiratory gases (O2 & CO2) under stress.

By combining spiroergometry and lactate, the fat maxima (the area in which the energy supply from fat is at its highest) and the carbohydrate requirement during exercise are also determined. This allows the metabolic and ventilatory threshold (the point at which the body switches from aerobic to mixed aerobic-anaerobic energy metabolism) to be determined.

The sports science performance diagnostics with lactate determination and spiroergometry extends your examination to include a determination of respiratory gases (O2 and CO2) under stress. By combining lactate and spiroergometry (the gold standard in performance diagnostics), we also determine your FATmax range and your carbohydrate requirements under stress. In addition, we determine your metabolic and ventilatory thresholds and determine your VO2max via the maximum oxygen uptake capacity, the gross criterion of performance.
You can also carry out this test on our high-performance treadmill, on the cycle ergometer or on your own bike. As part of the detailed sports science consultation, you will also receive individual training recommendations tailored to you, your time budget and your personal goal or, if required, an individual training plan. We only use the most modern equipment in our practice, which is regularly checked for validity and measurement accuracy. Our employees work with the latest scientific know-how and have years of experience in carrying out performance diagnostics and drawing up training recommendations and training plans.
The first training phase begins with the weekly return of your completed training programs, individually created by our specialists, to your assigned consultant. Your supervisor analyzes and edits the programs and adapts them to your performance development.
You can contact your supervisor by e-mail and/or telephone.
These also include:

This is followed by the evaluation and coordination of further training.

The second training phase continues as you complete the training programs in close cooperation with your coach and feel your progress. Direct contact with the supervisor will help you overcome any lows in motivation, and your body will thank you for it.

Spiroergometry in Graz: optimize your performance and health

Spiroergometry is a state-of-the-art method for measuring physical performance and metabolism during physical exertion. At our Centre for Performance Diagnostics and Sports Science in Graz, we offer professional spiroergometry to optimize your performance and improve your health.

Why is spiroergometry important?

Spiroergometry enables precise analysis of various parameters such as respiratory volume, oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide release during physical activity. This information is crucial for optimizing training plans, diagnosing diseases of the cardiovascular system and monitoring physical fitness.

Professional support for maximum results

Our experienced team of sports scientists and physicians carry out spiroergometry under strict supervision to ensure precise and reliable measurement results. We carefully analyze the data and create individual training plans to improve your performance and promote your health.

Rely on our expertise for your performance optimization

Whether you want to improve your athletic performance or suffer from a cardiovascular disease – spiroergometry at our center offers you the opportunity to achieve your goals. Make an appointment for your spiroergometry today and start your journey to a healthier and more efficient life.

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