General fitness check-up in Graz: optimize your athletic performance

The general fitness examination is an essential component for sporty adults as well as children and adolescents to determine their state of health and their individual resilience. Our Center for Performance Diagnostics and Sports Science in Graz offers professional fitness examinations to prepare you optimally for your sporting success.

Why is a general fitness examination in Graz important?

For young athletes in particular, it is crucial to identify potential “weak points” in order to enable them to play sport with minimal risk. We carry out comprehensive examinations, including orthopaedic status and muscle function tests, to check the musculoskeletal system and the musculoskeletal system. We also recommend performance diagnostics from a certain level of training to avoid overtraining and overuse injuries.

Regular check-ups for children and adolescents

We recommend a six-monthly check-up for children and adolescents, as growth spurts, infections, injuries or overuse injuries can affect performance development. With our professional support, we ensure that young athletes are optimally supported and that their sporting development progresses continuously.

Rely on our expertise for your fitness

Our experienced team of sports scientists and doctors is ready to accompany you on your way to improved athletic performance. Make an appointment today for your general fitness check-up in Graz and invest in your health and sporting success.

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