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The Spartamedic concept focuses on the long-term and permanent change in eating behavior without this being perceived as a restriction. First, an individual assessment of your physical condition is carried out. Body composition is analyzed using the bio-impedance method (BIA). This method reproduces the tissue composition very accurately. A personal nutrition profile is drawn up on the basis of nutrition logs. In this way, nutritional errors can be discovered and eating habits can be gently changed step by step. This allows you to lose weight in the long term.  The health and nutrition market is very confusing, with numerous products being offered without genetic testing having taken place.

The Spartamedic method gives you information on what is best for your body. With the results obtained, you will lead a healthier life and a balanced diet that is specific to the functioning of your genes. The analysis includes:

Further advantages of nutritional DNA analysis are

What is good for one person may be counterproductive for another. The Spartamedic meal plans help you find the ideal nutritional balance. The nutrition plan was developed and created by a leading nutritionist and is specially tailored to the results of the DNA analysis. If this plan is followed your energy will come back and you will feel healthier.

Nutritional advice in Graz: optimize your health through a balanced diet

A balanced diet plays a crucial role in your health and well-being. At our nutritional advice center in Graz, we offer professional support and individual advice to help you optimize your eating habits and achieve your health goals.

Why is nutritional advice important?

Nutrition influences many aspects of our health, from our energy levels to our mood. Our experienced nutritionists in Graz will help you to develop a balanced and healthy diet that suits your lifestyle. We take individual needs, preferences and goals into account.

Our nutritional advice services

Our team of nutrition experts offers a variety of services, including:

– Individual nutritional advice and planning
– Weight management and control
– Dietary changes for specific health problems such as diabetes or heart disease
– Sports nutrition and performance enhancement
– Family and child nutrition

Rely on our expertise for your nutrition

We know that every person is unique and has different needs. That’s why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to you. Our nutritionists in Graz will help you achieve your goals and improve your health.

Make an appointment for your nutrition consultation in Graz today

Invest in your health and make an appointment for a nutrition consultation at our center in Graz today. We look forward to supporting you on your way to a healthy and balanced diet.


Health advice


Occupational preventive measures can help to recognize symptoms at an early stage and prevent long-term absence from work through appropriate treatment. The benefits of workplace health promotion are recognized and therefore also supported by the legislator.

Our check-up and preventive examinations are designed so that they can be carried out directly at your company. Only a treatment room would have to be made available. Spartamedic offers you competent specialists who come to you to prevent stress-related health disorders and illnesses.

Our modules can be combined with each other and supplemented by other measures. We can develop a suitable health plan for your company to reduce sickness absence in the long term. This also increases employee productivity and strengthens employee loyalty to the company. With its mobile interdisciplinary team, Spartamedic offers to come to the company regularly or immediately in acute cases. Regular check-ups directly in the company not only save time and money, but can also be dealt with immediately if there is a need for action. Subsequent check-ups in conjunction with individual training plans and/or health-promoting coaching sessions enable short-term success. This package is aimed at employees who either want to lose weight or improve their fitness and thereby do something for their general well-being.


Ergonomics consulting

Ergonomics is the science of designing humane working and environmental conditions. It is not people who should adapt to the circumstances but, conversely, the circumstances to the people. This reduces the workload, prevents fatigue and accidents and increases productivity. Spartamedic offers holistic advice, which can also help you in this area

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