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Dr. med. univ. Falko Kostron

General practitioner

The cooperation with one of the world's best and most renowned colleagues in sports science, Dr. Radoslav Djukic, and our team enables a completely different dimension of therapies and individual care and performance enhancement.

My interest in nutrition and nutritional supplements was already awakened during my training at the Medical University of Graz. I ended up specializing in nutritional supplements at the Institute of Pharmacology, where I also wrote my diploma thesis on the topic of “Resorption of nutritional supplements”. I have also been involved in the field of sports science time and again during my studies and training to become a state-certified snowboard instructor and training manager. After my doctorate, I was able to work in a private clinic with outstanding sports physicians and top orthopaedic surgeons and learn a lot. During my residency, I got to know various specialties and hospital departments across Styria and finally started working as a general practitioner in the Department of Surgery at the LKH Weiz/ University Hospital Graz in 2021.

When a severe form of post Covid suddenly tore me out of my usual life, I unfortunately gained a certain amount of expertise in the field of long covid/ post Vac (ME, CFS…), also out of my own initiative and desperation. As there are still hardly any official findings and guidelines on this new disease, I, like so many others, had to rely on self-experiments and experiences of fellow sufferers and preliminary research results. There is now a large group of people worldwide who are/were more or less seriously ill.

Unfortunately, there is currently no reliable diagnosis and certainly no generally applicable therapy, which is why those affected rarely find a hearing or a contact person. Even if there are dedicated colleagues among the GPs and specialists, they often lack the time and in-depth insight into the subject matter. I can’t promise a miracle cure either, but various therapeutic approaches can now improve the lives of many people and achieve great results. That is why I have decided to share my knowledge and, above all, my openness to new things, be it “off-label therapies” or completely individual therapy concepts, as an elective doctor and to find ways to heal or improve the condition together with those affected. Especially in the field of infusion therapy and nutritional supplements in a holistic setting, a lot can be achieved.

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Dr. med. univ. Markus Tarmann

Specialist in internal medicine

“Health means safety”

My goal is not mechanistic repair, but rather the responsible use of our most valuable capital – our health.

I would prefer to call myself a health doctor.

It would be more sensible not to wait until you are ill and only then go to the doctor. The costs and suffering could then be incomparably higher than ongoing support, monitoring and early recognition of possible undesirable developments. From my experience as an internist, I would like to be able to turn back time to give people a second chance. But everyone has the best chance as long as they are healthy.

I want my patients to understand. Clear communication is therefore essential to me; not only on a professional level, but first and foremost on a human level.

Communication with the doctor often ends when the diagnosis is delivered. But I think it’s important to pick people up and accompany them. Being open to questions and explaining to people what is happening and what options they have. Good communication with my patients is an essential aspect of treatment for me.

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