The principle of periodization and cyclization refers to the systematic and planned design of the training process with the aim of achieving peak athletic form at a specific point in time. If an athlete continuously trains at the limit of his endurance, there is a risk that the organism will slip permanently into a catabolic phase. To avert this potential danger, periodized training deliberately includes phases in which top form is temporarily lost. This is done by reducing the training load, for example in the form of lower training intensity, reducing the amount of training or other types of stimuli.

Periodized training therefore means that the training program is systematically changed in certain periods of time. The systematization is carried out by changing various training variables (repetitions, number of sets, length of breaks, exercises). This planned change in training requirements leads to long-term and sustainable performance improvement. Scope and intensity have an inverse relationship to each other – the higher the training volume, the lower the intensity must be and vice versa. Alternating between training phases that focus on volume and phases that emphasize intensity brings progress. The phases of reduced physical stress can also serve to prevent and heal injuries. In the light phases, minor injuries have the opportunity to heal and the entire body is prepared for the heavy units that follow.

After a while, the body adapts to certain stresses during training so that performance no longer increases. By varying the load – periodization – a long-term performance increase can be achieved. Ideally, the training methods are changed every three to ten weeks…. The more advanced the athlete or the higher the performance, the shorter the phases should be. It is recommended to follow the following sequence when planning training to train strength skills:


Not all exercises have to be changed in every cycle; especially for beginners, simply changing the intensity of the load and thus the repetition range is sufficient. Before strength training beginners move weights at high intensities, the execution of the movement should be mastered securely. IK training should always be carried out under the supervision and assistance of the trainer. The training periods do not all have to be the same length. The recommendation for the duration of the respective phases should rather be based on the speed and persistence of the physiological adaptation processes. For example, the hypertrophy phase may last longer than the IK phase because the neural system adapts faster than muscle morphology. After two weeks of specific IK training, only minimal increases in performance at the neural level will be achieved.

Periodization & Cyclization in Graz: Maximize your sporting performance

The periodization and cyclization of the training process is a proven principle for achieving peak athletic form at the right time. At our training center in Graz we offer professional support and individual training plans based on the principles of periodization and cyclization to maximize your athletic performance.

Why is periodization & cyclization important?

The systematic design of the training process makes it possible to vary the load and optimally prepare the body for different training stimuli. By deliberately alternating between stress phases and recovery phases, long-term performance improvements are achieved and the risk of injury is minimized….

Our services in periodization & cyclization

Our experienced team of trainers and sports scientists develop individual training plans that are tailored to your personal goals and needs. We take into account various training variables such as repetitions, number of sets, length of breaks and exercises in order to achieve long-term and sustainable performance improvement.

Trust in our expertise for your training

We know that every athlete is unique and has different training needs. That’s why we offer tailor-made training programs that are tailored to you and your goals. Our periodization & cyclization in Graz will help you take your athletic performance to the next level.

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