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In cooperation with Dr. Falko Kostron or Dr. Markus Tarmann

The premium package offers a comprehensive analysis, two personal training sessions on site & a customized training plan for four weeks. Maximum results & progress towards your goal.

Package contents

This provides a thorough analysis of your current fitness and health status. Your individual goals, needs and challenges will be discussed in this meeting. We use this information to discuss potential approaches with you and define directions for your next steps.

Using special measuring methods and examinations, important parameters of the fat metabolism are recorded in order to gain a better understanding of your physical condition.

Our performance diagnostics on the ergometer or treadmill show the current level of performance in various areas, including motor skills, aerobic endurance, speed and other relevant aspects. This examination enables a precise assessment of your physical fitness and serves as a basis for the development of individual goals.

The performance diagnostics on the ergometer or treadmill are followed by a thorough evaluation of the data. The results are discussed in detail in a personal meeting and individual recommendations for improving performance are made on this basis. We offer you tailored advice on how to optimize your motor skills, aerobic endurance, speed and other performance indicators in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Our service also includes two on-site training sessions and individual strength adjustment. In these training sessions, you will receive personal attention and guidance to ensure that your exercises are performed correctly and that you get the most out of your training. In addition, your strength adjustment is carried out on site to ensure that you use the right weights and resistance for your individual needs. This personal support and customization ensures that your training is effective and safe and helps you to achieve your fitness goals in the best possible way.

Overall creation of an individual training plan based on the results of the muscle strength, mobility and muscle function tests. The results of these examinations are discussed in detail in a personal consultation. On this basis, we develop a customized 4-week training plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Our experts are on hand throughout the process to ensure you get the most out of your training and achieve your goals effectively.

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