• Medical history interview, laboratory examination, physical examination, resting ECG,
    Ultrasound examination (fitness certificate for ergometry/treadmill)
    Muscle function test, exercise ECG on the ergometer/treadmill with lactate and
    Glucose measurement under permanent supervision, evaluation of the data and discussion


In cooperation with Dr. Falko Kostron or Dr. Markus Tarmann

Spartamedic’s anti-stress and burnout prevention Graz package is designed to identify stress at an early stage and counteract it in a targeted manner in order to prevent long-term damage to health and improve quality of life.

Package contents

  • Fat metabolism analysis at rest (O2 uptake/ CO2 release)
  • Controlled endurance training unit with lactate and glucose measurement
  • Controlled strength training unit with lactate and glucose measurement
  • Training session under hypoxia (simulated altitude training)

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