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Mag. Dr. Radosav Djukic

As a competitive athlete, I competed in tournaments and competitions around the world as a youth. I was trained by the most modern sports scientists of the first generation, whose focus was on targeted training control, as well as metabolism and effect research.

After my active career in competitive sports, I used this knowledge to further my academic education in the field of sports medicine and to develop new methods. My mentor, the sports physician and pioneer Prof. Dr. medical Univ. Norbert Bachl (among others president of the European Society for Sports Medicine (EFSM), made my intensive and specialized research possible.

In the following years I gained experience through the care and diagnostics of top athletes worldwide in various disciplines (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, soccer, big wave surfing, racing (car and motorcycle), combat and weight sports, endurance sports, ice hockey, tennis, and some more).

Through my now many years of experience and further developed research “my Spartamedic method” I am not only able to help top athletes, athletes in mass sports and individual persons to improve their performance, but also to support a faster rehabilitation after an injury, accident or illness.

In the field of top athletes, Olympic, World Champion, European Champion and national titles show that my method is successful. My specialties are performance diagnostics/performance enhancement as well as prevention and rehabilitation after illness, surgery and accidents. Preventive health care is very important to detect possible risks early and to prevent diseases.

I look forward to welcoming you to my office for a personal consultation and thank you in advance for the trust you have placed in my treatment methods.

Mag.Dr. Radosav Djukic Doctor of sports science
"Health and performance is a state of great harmony of body, mind and spirit!"


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Born: 22.12.1966 (Hallein, Austria)

Mag.Dr.Radosav Djukic
Doctor of sports science


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