Univ.-Prof. Dr. Norbert Bachl

I’ve known Dr. Radosav Djukic for many years as he was coaching national and international top athletes and teams of differents sports. Due to his national and international success he is considered and expert in this field. Being a spokesman and doing sessions at many European universities. Dr. Djukic has excellent knowledge in this field getting various diplomas, especially from University in Vienna. He also provides innovative concepts of how to do effective coaching.

V. Preobrazhenskiy, Head of the Center of Physical rehabilitation , MD

Professor Mag. Dr. Radosav Djukic has been working with our Center in physiological aspects of sport testing of Russian athletes from different federations. We have very good results of this cooperation on the sport field. Another part of our cooperation is the planning of condition training. We see very good progress in athletes’ shape if they follow our plans. Dr. Djukic many time had lectures for russian coaches those were very useful for them. We very much appreciate him for his useful and good help.

Ph.D.Janez Vodicar and his team are very happy with the international cooperation with Ph.Dr. Djukic


The Institute of Sport of the University of Ljubljana is working together with the exeptionally successfull and internationally working sport scientists Ph.D.- Radosav Djukic. The director of the Institue of Sport Assist.Prof.Ph.D.  Janez Vodicar has successfully achieved a more optimal supervision of the athletes and a significant boost in their performance with the help of  Ph.D .Djukic. During his long-time experience as a sport physiologist he has trained top-atheltes in over 80 countries in over 70 different fields of sport such as Skiing, Karate and Hockey. His expertise in combination with his methods has helped him to bring forth 8 world champions and 11 european champions. However, he has not only supervised athletes with his spartamedic methods (www.sparta-medic.com) but also speacial forces, astronauts and even racing camels. Dr. Djukic is one of the pioneers in the field of diagnostics and training programming which involve a multitude of parameters such Cellular oxidants, Damage of free radicals and Transportation of energy/ oxygen to jut name a few.

Sebastian Steudtner, Big Wave Surfer

“Big Wave Surfing  is not only sports,but also passion during which I’m willing to put my life at stake. Doing the training by Rade has given me physical and mental conditions to have enough self confidence to ride a high wave without losing control or risquing my life. Rade’s abilities are not only in giving extraordinary specific diagnosis, but also in exercising an unconventional approach of training control. Although having numerously complained about tough training concept there’s no other trainer but him who is able to achieve similar results.”

Diagnostic – sport scientist – training planning and supervising