Physical Therapy


Physiotherapy is the best choice for rehabilitation after an accident, surgery or muscular imbalances that lead to pain or limitations.

Rehabilitation physiotherapy consists in restoring one or more functions of the organism that have been affected in whole or in part by an illness or accident. After the exact physiotherapeutic findings, we plan the therapeutic process together with the patient. Our task is to restore and maintain freedom of movement as best as possible.


Manual therapy treats dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system – the focus is on muscles and joints and how they interact. With special hand movements and techniques from the physiotherapists, mobility can be increased and pain alleviated.


Occupational therapy is based on the assumption that movement is a human health need and that targeted and individually applied activity has a health-promoting and therapeutic effect.

Occupational therapists accompany and support people of all ages who are limited in their everyday abilities or who want to expand their abilities. Causes can be accidents, illnesses or developmental disorders. Occupational therapy offers extensive training in the following areas in order to meet the individual needs of each patient:


Preventive treatments mean preventive treatments. We differentiate between primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Even if damage has already occurred, prevention is possible, in particular to avoid further signs of wear and tear and the progression of the disease.


In the course of life there are changes in the musculoskeletal system. These changes can result in limitations, complaints and even the loss of functions. For a successful therapy, an individual concept from orthopaedics, physiotherapy and sports science is put together.

The sports science advice offers professional help on the topics of fitness, training and health. It combines the knowledge of training theory, physiology, anatomy, pedagogy and psychology and is intended to help increase well-being and self-confidence through targeted training and movement, as well as promoting general health. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and even forms of cancer.

Apart from that, sport and exercise can also have positive effects on the psyche. Symptoms of depressive moods can be reduced, body awareness and awareness of one’s own body can be increased through various exercises and a positive body image can thus be formed. Especially for children and young people who are still growing and who often get far too little exercise due to today’s lifestyle and mediatisation, it is advisable to take advantage of additional exercise offers. After an initial meeting in which the problem and goals are discussed, individual training, counseling or both can begin.

With Spartamedic you will train different muscle groups, but especially the trunk muscles (such as abdomen, back, shoulders) after controlling with lactate and glucose values. In addition, they improve their sense of balance and coordination, as well as their strength, stability and ability to react.

Infusion Therapy

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Infusion therapy is used to correct vital substance deficiencies that cannot or cannot sufficiently be deficiencies that cannot be compensated for or not sufficiently compensated for by conventional means.

Every body has an explicit need for vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids and amino acids, which must be met. Only when these needs are met can we remain healthy or be cured of certain diseases. The aim is to detect deficiencies and to ensure a balance of nutrients. Not always be adequately covered by the food we eat. At impaired intestinal function (e.g. in the case of/after infections, due to toxins, in the case of inflammation or stress or in acute situations), it is important to ensure an effective and rapid supply.

The direct route into the bloodstream by means of infusion therapy makes it possible here to absorption of the active substances in all cells and thus a faster recovery of the body’s own healing powers. It enables us to deliver active substances particularly quickly to the required sites of action in the body.

In this way, help can be provided directly and efficiently for deficiencies and weaknesses, acute and chronic illnesses or pain can be treated directly and efficiently.


A highly effective high-dose vitamin infusion in combination with other antioxidant ingredients to strengthen your immune system.

Vital-Infusion: A highly effective high-dose vitamin infusion in combination with other antioxidant ingredients to strengthen your immune system. Build a protective shield against pathogens. Let the flu wave pass you by.


Iron infusion for the rapid replenishment of iron stores in iron deficiency states and anaemia. Improves concentration,performance,hair growth, fatigue and night sleep.


Every person is different: in the case of special wishes, pre-existing conditions or vital deficiencies, we prepare an infusion solution individually adapted to your needs.

Additional doses of vital substances, minerals and vitamins can be added…



In addition to a labor study, blood and other research materials are available. Simple blood parameters, specialized on the Hormonhaushalt in the body and body fluids (Harn, Sekrete, Stuhl u.v.m.). In addition to the laboratory results, a therapist will be able to do so.


The term “Isokinetik” is based on training and diagnostics at constant angles with variable variable resistance. Generally, the maximum torque varies in the movement of the maximum torque. This is also possible from the leveling ratios (recognition of resilience points from the point of contact) as well as the musculature. In addition to training with different devices or free weight, a constant resistance is observed, which is determined by the fact that the resistance at the standstill is supported. Dies hat zur Folge, dass die Muskulatur in einem großen Bereich der Bewegung nicht optimá belastet wird. At the isokinetic resistance level, the resistance adapts to the force applied so that the muscle is optimally loaded throughout the movement.

For the isokinetic power training and the isokinetic power measurements are available in the computer-controlled training system. These systems enable a specific definition of motion (motion form, contraction form, movement expression, angle of incidence). The resilience of the systems is maintained by the newly established body of patients at constant, pre-determined speed and speed and is in the area of the movement also at the time of reversal of optimal use of the labels and services.


The man is a perfect construction. Jedoch commmt es im Laufe des Lebens zu Veränderungen des Bewegungsapparat, die zu einer Einschränkung, Beschwerden od Verlust von Funktionen führen. For individual individual therapy, there is an interdisciplinary concept from Orthopedics, Physiotherapy and sports science competencies.

The sports science advice provides professional help on the topics of fitness, training and health. You know the knowledge of teaching, physiology, anatomy, pedagogy and psychology, and help with training and guidance, well-being and self-employment, as well as general health. Regular movement can be used to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis and other forms of Krebs.

Take away sports and entertainment and positive effects on the psyche. Symptoms of depression can be found in the body, the body can be filled and the body can be used to treat the body by various sources, and it can be a positive body image. Gerade für Kinder und Jugendliche, die noch im Wachstum sind i die durch den heutigen Lebensstil und die Medialisierung sich oft viel zu wenig bewegen, empfiehlt es sich, zusätzliche Bewegungsangebote zu nutzen. After a word of contention, the problem is also very important, it can be with individual training, counseling or good advice.

At Spartamedic you can follow:

With Spartamedic you have the opportunity, uninterrupted muscle groups, independent of the muscular muscles (Bauch, Rücken, Schulterpartien) to train. Including, we will be able to use elbow pads on glucose and glucose control in physiotherapy. In addition, you can balance and coordinate your skills, as well as your power, stability and reaction skills.
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