A sports-scientific performance diagnostics with lactate determination serves to determine a sporting performance, a progress control of the performance development and a training adaptation.

This examination does not include a medical examination and should only be carried out if you are in good and verified health. The performance diagnostics are suitable for athletes without medical restrictions.

Before the performance analysis is started, an amnesis of the previous training plan is drawn up in a discussion with the sports scientist. The performance analysis then begins, which is carried out on various ergometers under supervision. The current performance is determined by a step test with lactate and glucose determination. After the evaluation of the data, the results of the analysis and further training are discussed in a renewed meeting. The individual training plan is tailored to your personal needs. The performance diagnostics enable you to train in the best possible way and increase your performance.


A spiroemetry is an extended examination of performance diagnostics to determine the respiratory gases (O2 & CO2) under stress.

The combination of spiroergometry and lactate also determines the fat max (the range in which the energy supply from fat is highest) and the carbohydrate requirement under stress. This allows the metabolic and ventilatory threshold (the point at which the body changes from aerobic to aerobic mixture -anaerobic energy metabolism switches) can be determined.


On the one hand, the musculoskeletal system ensures all movement sequences and, on the other hand, it forms the supporting structure of the body. It is therefore also referred to as the musculoskeletal system. The term summarizes the bones, joints and the muscular system of the body.


The sports scientific advice and support offers professional help for performance improvement, fitness, training and health.

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and even forms of cancer. Apart from that, sport and exercise can also have positive effects on the psyche. Symptoms of depressive moods can be reduced, body awareness and awareness of one’s own body can be increased through various exercises and a positive body image can thus be formed. Especially for children and young people who are still growing and who often get far too little exercise due to today’s lifestyle and mediatisation, it is advisable to take advantage of additional exercise offers. After an initial meeting in which the problem and goals are discussed, individual training, counseling or both can begin.


We offer personal care to every athlete, patient or individual. This can be arranged at home, outdoors, in the gym, at competitions and after free time and place of training. The targeted training control is compiled after the evaluation of the data from the performance diagnostics.


The sport suitability examination serves to determine the state of health of sporty adults as well as children and young people. The individual resilience is also determined by this examination.

Especially in the case of young athletes, the “weak points” should be clarified with a fitness examination so that the sport can be made possible with little risk.

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