The Spartamedic concept focuses on the long-term and permanent change in eating behavior without this being perceived as a restriction. You will be personally treated by Dr. Djukic advised and looked after.First, an individual recording of the physical condition is created. Body composition analysis is performed using the bio-impedance method (BIA). This method reflects the tissue composition very accurately. The personal nutritional profile is created on the basis of nutritional protocols. In this way, nutritional errors can be discovered and eating habits can be gently changed step by step. This allows you to lose weight over time.

When it comes to nutrition THEN analysis, the The health and nutrition market is very confusing. Numerous products are offered without a genetic examination having taken place. With the Spartamedic method you get information about what is best for your body. With the results obtained, you will lead a healthier life and a balanced diet specific to how your genes work. The analysis includes:

Other benefits of nutritional DNA analysis include:
What is good for one may be counterproductive for another. The ideal nutritional balance can be found with the Spartamedic meal plans. The nutrition plan was developed and created by a leading nutritionist and is specially tailored to the results of the DNA analysis. If this plan is followed their energy will come back and they will feel healthier.
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