Sport & Fitness coaching

Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching supports you in gaining a greater awareness and understanding of your health. At the Spartamedic Center we offer personal coaching in the following areas:
Sebastian Steudtner (Big wave surfer)
Guinnes world record holder

Based on the results of the medical examinations, you will decide together with the Spartamedic team how to improve your well-being and health. For this purpose, our team will create a customized plan for you, that will help to achieve your goals. Our medical tests have shown that 20-30% of our clients already have acute health problems, which we have managed with excellent success. Remember:


Exploring your core encourages you to live your everyday life with senses, accordingly realize more of your potential and be true to what matters most to you. Come by the Spartamedic Competence Center and get advice from our excellent professionals who want to help you achieve your goal. If needed, we are also be happy to come to you, whether at your company or at home.

VIP Coaching

Patrick Dempsay (Actor and Motorsportracer)
VIP coaching is not just medical coaching and individual training, but also:
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