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Health Consultation


Health that comes to you in the office.

Company preventive measures can help to identify symptoms at an early stage and prevent long-term absences from work through adequate therapy. The advantages of workplace health promotion are recognized and therefore also favored by the legislator.

Our check-up and preventive examinations are designed in such a way that they can be carried out directly at your company. Only a treatment room would have to be made available.

Spartamedic offers you competent specialists who will come to you to prevent stress-related health disorders and diseases. Our modules can be combined with each other and supplemented by further measures. We can develop suitable health care for your company in order to reduce sick leave in the long term.

This also increases the productivity of the employees and binds the employees more closely to the company. With its mobile interdisciplinary team, Spartamedic offers to come to the company immediately, either regularly or in acute cases. Regular check-ups directly in the company not only save time and money, but if there is a need for action, it can be dealt with immediately. Subsequent check-ups in connection with individual training plans and/or health-promoting coaching enable short-term success. This package is aimed at employees who either want to lose weight or want to improve their fitness and thereby do something for their general well-being.


Ergonomics is the science of designing humane working and environmental conditions. Man should not adapt to the circumstances, but conversely the circumstances to the man.
In this way, the workload is reduced, fatigue and accidents are prevented and productivity is increased. Spartamedic offers holistic advice, which can also help you in this area.