Prof. Mag. Dr. Radosav Djukic

Being an active competitive athlete I’ve done tournaments and competiotions all over the world. I was trained by the best sports scientists. The sports-medical training control and the research of effect of metabolism of that time have been the beginning of modern sports science. I was trained myself by the first generation of modern sports scientists.

Since the end of my active career I’ve been using this knowledge and doing researches on methods and their development.

In Banja Luca (Bosnien and Herzegowina) I studied sports science and began my researches. I got my diploma in prevention/body movement /health in Austria and specialised in training science mental training at the University of Vienna. My tutor was sports scientist Prof. Dr. med. univ. Norbert Bachl who made my intense and specialised researches possible.

Besides increasing performance for special forces, astronauts and professionals athletes, my focus also is in prevention. Celebreties from Media, Economy and Politics approach me to get fit for their everyday stress situations. I also pass on this knowledge to students as extraordinary professor for two universities.

Since 27 years i develop my own method that allows my to work time effectiv, to accurately solve physical problems.