Due to my researches over the past 10 years I have achieved more than 1.000 Diagnosis in the field of bio-chemical blood analysis which has made me the number one in theis field and turned me into a great specialist. Individual blood analysis is the key to the success of my training concepts. The specialised laboratory examines:

– Sources of stress
– Cellular oxidants
– Damage of free radicals
– Transportation of energy/ oxygen
– Energy stores
– Immunodeficiency
– Body inflammation
– State of blood sugar, liver, proteins and  amino acids

Blood analysis

Particular sports- medical examinations provide information of your whole-body state of health.
Cooperation Partner with Clinic Nuernberg – The Institute of Sports Medicine & Medical Center Olympic Training Center Bavaria takes care of the medical examination –    www.klinikum-nuernberg.de

– survey method of whole-body state of health
– sports-medical examination

Training planning and controlling

Based on sports-medical examinations and the results of blood analysis an individual training concept will be developped. We will be timing your personal training plan to your individual time schedule and local possibilities. Your will be enabled to do your physical training at home, at the gym, at the office, outdoor or while travelling.

– adjusted to your physical and mental state of mind
– individual  training plans depending on your personal training capacities
– individual training control depending on individual capacities and time availabilities
– nutrition concept including supplementation
– weekly assessment and monitoring of individual goals/alteration